Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Easy Knitted Cowl-Unisex / all sizes

wonderfulhands Designer Free Crochet Pattern

Needles: 8.00 mm
Sizes: Newborn Baby, child, teenager, Adult
Make yours

Stitches: Knit,Purl
Materials: Stitch Marker (optional), Yarn Needle, Scissors, 1 buttons.
I used medium worsted acrylic yarn


Gauge: 7 Sts = 2 inches
Abbreviations: K = knit P = purl
Cast on 73 stitches

Row1- k2/p1, k/p, k2/p1 all row.
Row 2 to 9- Repeat the  previous row working from back each time you turn.
Keep the front look.

Row 10 to 24- Knit at the front, purl at the back side.

Row 25 to 33-  k2/p1, k/p, k2/p1 all row.

Make for all ages: just get the size you need !

How to use the size table?

At the starting chain, get this size of circumference.
Is only a guideline to different sizes



  1. I don't understand the sizing. How do I change from what you did to whatever I need to do to get the size indicated for different ages?

  2. We do it at the starting chain and also how much we "work up".So, if we need 73 sts to an adult, a teenager may need only 63. Is easy.

    The sizes table seen above are only a guideline of how much circumference you may need when working for others for example.Check it when you make your initial chain!is useful... Please keep posting questions here if need about this. Thank you