Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Free: Delicate Flowers Crochet Pattern

wonderfulhands Designer Crochet Pattern
Store: Cayetanna.com

Material: Cotton (Anchor Style Creativa Fine or mercerized cotton)
Hook: 2.00 mm
Row1- Make a chain of 4 and join…Now, place 14 dc in ring .
Row2- Work 2 sc each stitch across. Please note where I push the cotton, is not at the top stitch, is down...between the previous dc s row.

Row3- 1 sc each stitch across, all row.
Row 4- Make chains of 10, join the next stitch with sc. Please watch images to help and guide you. All row with chains.
Here you have:


  1. Thank you. They are really pretty flowers with easy and clear instructions.

  2. Chorley in Bloom will like these.